Weston Rayfield

An award winning artist all his life, Weston attended Kendall College of Art and Design of Ferris State University, and spent most of his career in advertising. As an entrepreneur, he has owned several companies, including a printing company and advertising agency, which won a national award in 1990, for a business model concept on which Kinko’s/FedEx based its nationwide chain three years later.

In 2005 he gave up everything to live his life’s dream, and pursue a three-year sabbatical to publish two books and explore art and design. After being self-employed for over 30 years, he now travels the country with his books, exhibiting his art, speaking, consulting and blogging about his experience.


About Corporate Coach

Everyone has a team and a coach.

Most managers prefer someone that can switch-hit and or play all positions on the field. They call this person ‘The Rover’, because of all their years of experience. We can be your rover: think outside the box, teaching people and businesses to be more creative; as an idea coach, creative coach, design coach, or advertising coach and as an entrepreneur coach. Over 300 businesses helped and counting...

Thinking outside of the box.

Once I was criticized for having too many ideas. If you're going to be critiqued, I guess I will take this one, everyone has ideas. Visionary leaders, on the other hand, are not so common. A visionary is someone who can make sense out of the wealth of ideas, and weave together a plan for implementation that will make a difference in the world. Bill Gates, for example, probably received millions of ideas from his friends, but he was able to focus a few of these into initiatives that showed real innovation. What separates an idea person from a visionary leader? Most experts agree that a visionary leader not only has ideas, but also has a vision of where these ideas can lead, with strong core values, key relationships, and demonstrates innovative actions. With a good team behind me, harnessing the challenge, focus then realigns itself into change, transforming non-tangible into tangible, ideas into reality; this is what pleases the customer.

Problem solver.

I began Corporate Coach as an agency with coaches like me. We can enter most any situation or problem and return quickly with several ideas on how to improve business and be more creative. Government, industry or public sector... I have worked with them all; designing logos and ad campaigns. Over 300 small businesses start ups to date, including political parties, restaurants, radio and TV stations---from the ground up---complete creative image and promotions, even architectural design---from TV news-sets to restaurant dining rooms.