Speaking of Weston:

Multi rover.

Consider me your rover, covering the field, ready to play any position and go where the team needs me at any given time. I have directed and written TV and radio advertising; designed and printed multi colored brochures, helped develop web sites, and written books. I have managed people and held fast to an operating budget, wrote business plans and managed film projects. Teaching people to be more creative, in business, as entrepreneurs, and in life, is my expertise. It’s about the journey and finding your way, ‘going for it’, your dreams, and what that feels like---it feels great. I would be glad to add to your event with the art of communication.

Here are some testimonials, of all kinds, writing, art and speaking.

Weston has excellent knowledge of business operations, is an outstanding leader and one of the most creative and inspirational people I have had the pleasure of knowing.  Bob was with another company when working with Weston at Creative Business Center.

President at all about my time now

What I love about Weston is his powerful motivation to change perceptions and think outside of the box. He uses his life story as a power tool to inspire other to live without fear .He will always be a person to trust.

Michele was a consultant / contractor who has worked with Weston at Weston Rayfield

Weston is a passionate artist and writer with a unique vision and a desire to see others excel. Loring worked with Weston at Weston Rayfield.

Can't go wrong working with Weston.  Renee Marie was with another company when working with Weston at Weston Rayfield.
Weston is an incredibly creative master of his craft! His work is very professional and well thought out. An amazing artist! I love his work!  Michael worked directly with Weston at Weston Rayfield.
Has a great vision and wonderful eye for details be it in his art work or his interior design, He renovated most of my house and it is spectacular!  Susan was Weston's client.
What a treat to be able to view the piece on video. It' the next best thing to being there. Just an incredible work! Bravo!!
It's fun to see the whole display. The video shows the depth of the work. My favorite is Lindberg tied with the fighter planes and Dillinger. What are yours?
One of the most effective educational tools I’ve read about domestic abuse, divorce and child custody. It was pretty scary, and complex in the beginning. but important to know. I would definitely recommend Marathon Tools to anyone, including those who are getting, or thinking about divorce with children involved.  Tools are definitely needed in the marathon of life.  This book is worth it just for the ending.
I purchased the book at Fisherman’s Village in Punta Gorda, FL.  You were kind enough to visit with me for a few minutes.  I agree everyone does have their Marathon. The story line on that book was fantastic and the ending was great!  You are talented.......keep writing..... I rank your talent right up there with some of the more popular writers of today such as James Patterson, Robert Parker, etc.
Take care.......Carolyn
I was glad that you found my review of your wonderful book uplifting.  Of course you can use my e-mail any way you like.  I hope someone will really sit down with this book and see that it is worthy of a movie deal.  Remember Kramer VS Kramer?  Look what happened to that movie.  I would like to see you get your book into some top name stores, because it is worth reading.
Good luck with your book signings and hope you can get to Northern Michigan this summer, if you do, let me know and I will get a couple of gals together to come up to buy your book.
Wow!!! you finally did it!! I remember when we were going out in 1996 and you were writing things down in a journal then.. hmmm.. Your book is very well written, descriptive, and the character's voice/situations sounds just like you!!!?? hmmm... sounds partly fictional/nonfictional-am I right??? My mom, and sister have both read it too and enjoyed it. Well, it was nice seeing you again, at the Brighton book signing, and hopefully you can get your book made into a movie, and spend your winter in a place warmer than Michigan.

Hi Weston,

The conclusion of this book changed my perspective on the life we live.  This is a must read for anyone considering marriage or divorce! Or anyone who just wants a good read. Loved following Ted through his trials and tribulations of life. Could not put the book down, I am telling my friends to get their copy now.  I look forward to meeting you someday, maybe a book signing in my town.

Hello Weston, I’m not an avid reader, especially fiction, but Marathon Tools gave me what most of us crave, feelings. A hell of a romantic story, I couldn’t help but like Ted…….and Heather. It makes you want to know them. When a book gives you something to really think about,----Publishers-Edit----and gives you hope, how can it be anything but special. The book made me laugh and cry……and think. It touched my heart especially the ending.
This book will make you laugh...cry...and will blow you away with it's surprise ending. Also is filled with unique and thought provoking, (yet heart warming) poetry. Looking forward to this story becoming a movie.

On my way back from Florida I had the trip from hell. Canceled flights, missed connections, mechanical issues and an arrival 7 hours late. Fortunately I had our friend Weston’s book with me. Instead of bitching about my miserable journey I started reading it. This was the first time in my life I read a book cover to cover in less than one day. I could not put it down. I have always known Weston to be creative, but the book blew me away. Hope you are all well.

Happy New Year! Greg Pellot

Hi Weston,
I finished the book. WOW! Is all that I'm going to say. I have lots of questions and comments. Good luck.
Dear Weston,
This book would make an excellent movie, but under what genre, comedy, tragedy, documentary, drama? If you do get a movie offer, don't let anyone change anything to fit a script, it is great just as you wrote it.  I am recommending this book to my book club. It was a true pleasure meeting you at the Lazy Gecko in Key West watching the Spartans play basketball.
--Karen Fickies
"I bought your book at Gallery 105 in Marshall, Michigan and had to write you. This is one of the best books I have ever read!"
The picture painted in Marathon Tools the settings, the situations and the characters, is one of today’s true struggles for fairness, honesty and truth.  The story is filled with so much emotion.  I had a hard time putting it down.  This is a must read.
Marathon Tools !!!!! AWESOME...Raw fiction with a modern day twist of everything that consumes us...the journey of a man, spiraling up and down in his life, never losing faith...and a true romance that endears us and grips the reader to the very last word !!!! *****

Hi Weston Rayfield,

I finished your book this morning....I enjoyed it very much. Thanks for sharing your wonderful talents with me. It is a wonderful story with a wonderful message to share.

I started to see that Ted was learning that the answers to his prayers are always there for him to see. God gives us all free will. Oftentimes the reason we have so much pain in life is not because we are being punished but because there is a thought that we have that needs to be corrected. Usually the only problem between any two human beings is that we are not able to see one another the way God sees his eyes we are flawless and innocent, and our purpose here is to see each other through those same loving eyes as God...with no strings attached except to share love( I don't mean physical love and sex.. that is often where confusion lies between men and women).  Real love is eternal and can be expressed in the physical world but it is not what any of us are really looking for.

In the story Heather came to that understanding, but Ted still has healing to do...maybe another book to come.  All the wonderful things of this world that bring us pleasure are given to us for our enjoyment by God. Any time we admire beauty or nature we are appreciating those gifts. People are brought into our lives for the same reason...we are the ones who can take the beauty of love and make it ugly. We have a romantic ideal of love that leads us away from the real thing. When we are young, we have the idea that there is one special person who we will be happy with until the day we die. That does happen for some of us, but I have leaned that in loving relationships, we are not always blessed with a lifetime. When we are young, we can't even grasp the idea that maybe our deepest and greatest love will not be in our youth and may not last a long time....that is what we have to learn here. All that is real is love and in every relationship of our lives the only thing that will always be real, is the love that is given and received. When we start to question why we ever loved someone in the first place, we are forgetting that we did have genuine feelings of love for every person who has come into our lives and that is where our focus should stay. One of my favorite passages about relationships between men and women is from the book: Illuminata by Marianne Williamson. It is about what God would say about sex. He would say, “be careful but be brave; In your arms, you are holding the most precious creature: my child in whom I am adoringly pleased. Love him and honor him, be kind to him and bring him deep peace. Pray that you energies might bless and protect him. Surrender your heart and surrender your soul."

I think that this is the real anguish between men and women. Thinking that sex and romance leads to love. It can be a vehicle for love but it is not a substitute. I think women are luckier tha men when it comes to love. We don't get confused between the two heads.... Any way, these are just my thoughts. I have more to share.  I really enjoyed reading your book and hope that you will be able to share all your writings with everyone. If your intentions are pure,it will happen. I am at a point where I question very little....I believe in divine guidance...Trust in the Lord with all thine heart, and lean not on your own understanding. In all thy ways, acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Well, I have shared my thoughts with you and you have shared your book wtih me. Thank you. I look forward to your next book.

Peace, Renee

I finished reading Marathon Tools.  Great job!  To be honest, I had to adjust to your unique writing style in the beginning of the book, but once I got past that, I became very engrossed in the story.

Hi Weston!

I finished your book, Marathon Tools.  Very good ending!  I really like the mystery of not knowing---------edited-----------  It opens up discussion for readers.  Could lead into another book.... a cool detective..hmmmmmm.  I also like that Ted is now in Heathers -----------------edited---------------- Another full circle of situations, along with the dream.

I agree about its' potential to become a box office hit.  So many people are divorced, or going through it or have a loved one going through it.  People like what they can relate to and sadly, many would see themselves as, at least, one of these charactors.  Good luck with the promotion, and trip, we can save some snow for your return to Michigan!

Good luck!